A very disconcerted blog post.

I have less than a week left in Copenhagen, and of course I’ve been a procrastinator so there’s far too much to do academically (just two papers and two tests left) as well as the fact that I need to pack a years worth of stuff back into suitcases and clean my room. All this on top of saying goodbye to Copenhagen? Say it ain’t so!

But in order to ease my sadness about leaving this wonderful place, I decided to blog about  the fun things that I’ve done in the past two weeks.

One of which was….. (drumroll please)… convincing my host brother to deep fry pickles!

Now if you’re not from the south, that probably sounds really strange, but the next time you come across a chance to get some biscuits n’ gravy, Sweet Tea,  and other delicious southern soul food in your belly, order a side of fried pickles, you won’t regret it!


Despite the fact that he’s been telling me for months that fried pickles sound weird, he was pleased with the results!

Another fun and exciting thing that I somehow forgot to blog about was my friend Nate’s visit to Copenhagen! Nate and I met at Founders walk the first day of freshman year at Vanderbilt, and we’ve been tight ever since, despite the fact that he actually transferred to UMich this year.



Luckily it was fantastic weather, so we got to enjoy Copenhagen at its very best. We borrowed a bike from my host family for him and spent pretty much the entire weekend outside.



We jumped on the public outdoor trampolines by the harbor (Why don’t more cities have things like these?)

and even made it to Tivoli, which I had only been to once before at Halloween and it had been too cold to ride the rides.


I splurged on buying this gem of a photo because of its pure hilarity.  Overall we just had a good time hanging around the city that I’ve grown to love.


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