Let’s Go to the Beach; AMAGER.

I’m sure that if you’re thinking of studying abroad in Denmark, sunny beaches are not exactly your expectation. But the weather in Copenhagen has been absolutely beautiful, so I’ve been doing just that.


In Copenhagen, ‘beautiful’ weather still requires you to have blankets on all the chairs at cafes to stay warm. and for Hygge.


BUT! we can still sit outside (with the proper clothes)

I live on Amager (pronounced like “Ahma” because that’s just the way Danish is), the teardrop shaped island that makes up the outer east part of Copenhagen.


I love living out here because I’m close to the airport, a 15 minute bike ride from the center of the city, and most importantly, 10 minutes from Amager Strandpark, aka the beach, and one of my favorite spots in Copenhagen.


It’s not exactly swimming weather

My host family introduced me to Amager Strand Park when the weather was still nice in August, and I fell in love with it, I avoided it all through the winter because I didn’t want to become disillusioned, but now that the sun is back, and I only have six weeks left in Denmark, I try to go almost every day.


A new definition of appropriate beach attire.

As much as I love living in Amager, you can’t talk about it without acknowledging it’s (UNDESERVED) bad reputation. Danes have had terrible things to say about Amager for 200 years, even Søren Kierkegaard made jokes about its bad reputation. Perhaps it stems from the fact that originally, all the latrine waste from Copenhagen was carted over to Amager where the sheep grazed, earning it the nickname of “lort island” (which means “shit island”) until the city created “modern” sewage-a pipe that pushed the waste into Øresund/The Sound, but over by Sweden.

Despite the fact that this is not the case anymore, Amager is still the butt of many jokes in Copenhagen. For instance, in Danish, a lower back tattoo is called a “Amager Plade” meaning an Amager license plate, and even my own host family who lives in Amager love to make jokes about it; whenever my host sister starts acting up, Christian will shake his head and say “this is what I get for raising a child on Amager.”



Regardless of what people say, I find it impossible not to love Amager Strandpark in this weather.



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