Sunshine’s a Commodity


A lot of people will tell you that Denmark’s winters are ridiculously cold. From my experience as a Southerner, who would never dream of moving above the Mason-Dixon, I think I can rightfully say that it’s not that cold here. The wind, rain, and darkness however do make for a brutal winter. But having low standards of what “nice weather” is, really makes you appreciate sunshine when it is available. Long story short, yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day, so I took advantage of it by biking around the city, and taking pictures by the harbor.


A super useful pedestrian/bike bridge from Amager into Vesterbro.


My bike, i.e.: my greatest treasure and main form of transportation in Copenhagen


If you look to the right side of the last photo, you’ll notice a little red & white striped object in the foreground, it’s actually a harbor pool.  Danes swim year round (Viking blood, you know), and believe that “winter bathing” is extremely healthy. On Sunday, I will be braving the cold water with a bunch of other DIS students (if I don’t chicken out) in order to “immerse” ourselves in this Danish tradition. I’m hoping for another sunny day, even though it won’t look nearly as badass as it would if there was still ice floating in the harbor.


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