MexiMad i Amagerbro


The big news that AUTHENTIC Tex-Mex exists in Copenhagen, or MexiMad (mad pronounced like “mel” means food in Danish) if you want to use my horrendous, but catchy, bastardization of the Danish language.

I’d gotten wind of some place called The Taco Shop while talking to some other people from DIS on my core course week. When I returned to Copenhagen, Nathan had also heard about it, so naturally it took us less than two days to find an excuse to eat dinner there. I got a ridiculously large super taco, the owner didn’t think I’d be able to finish it (I did) and Nathan got some sort of burrito, and of course chips and salsa to share. The owner told us to “eat here, have some extra guac, and pay at the end,” and as we sat down with chips, salsa, guac, and Corona wait for our food to be made.

IMG_0580   IMG_0581

All of the delicious Mexican food was made even better by the fact that the shop is run by a cool expat from California, who’s lived in Copenhagen for 20 years, doesn’t speak much Danish and makes you feel at home right away. Nathan and I chatted with the owner about where we were from, what we were studying and where we had been, and basically had a grand ol’ American time. The only thing that could have made our homesickness curing experience better would have been our faithful third, Michelle (who SHOULD have stayed a full year with us).



The food was delicious, AND reasonably priced–we both spent 100 kr, the equivalent of about $20, which is cheap in Copenhagen. Taco Shop will definitely be forever on my list best things in Copenhagen.


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