Back to routine.


Fresh snow on bikes wheels, a quintessential København image.

One of the most exciting things about this semester is that with a new iPhone, I have returned to the modern world, and can instagram my heart out, as well as have many more pictures  from my day to day life to feature here on the blog. Gone are the days of relying on other people’s photographs and a point and shoot that I hate.

I’ve settled in to my new home at Øresundskolligiet and returned to classes at DIS. I’m also extremely excited to say that I will now be representing DIS as an official student blogger for full year students. Not much will change about my blog, except the number of readers.
I’ve started my unofficial Danish class, and I’m stoked to learn more this semester.


Only I would be this excited about a book of grammatical rules

I legitimately love learning new languages, vocabulary and grammatical structures so taking Danish without the stress of having it graded is a dream come true. It also doesn’t hurt that Mette, my fantastic Danish I teacher, teaches all the sections of Danish II.

With the first sessions of class and readings under my belt, it looks like I’ve got lots of challenging but interesting  material ahead of me. After five days back, I think it’s safe to say I’m going to have an excellent semester.
It’s great to already know the city; I enjoy telling the new students about cool tricks or places to go, as well as the comfort of knowing where everything is and even which crosswalks are perfectly synched.
On an odd note, I habitually walk towards the s-tog stairs as if I were heading to Humlebæk instead of taking the metro to Amagerbro, and Nathan and I’s lunch in the Vestergade lounges just isn’t the same without Michelle, the 3rd musketeer.
The weather is also significantly colder now than when I left in December; but snowy København is absolutely stunning.



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