(Finally) returning to KBH

Luckily it seems that my adventures are not going to cost me an exorbitant amount of money. I managed to switch my flight for free, and I am currently using my time in Baltimore airport to reflect on what it means to return to Copenhagen and DIS after five weeks at home in the United States.

Currently the prospect of seeing 1. min venner (friends), 2. min dans familie  (host family), and 3. My cykel (bike), are the most exciting, but I’ve taken some time to look over the syllabi for classes, and realized (nerd that I am) that I’m equally excited for the fascinating topics I’ll spend my semester learning about.

This will be my most philosophy intense semester, with classes in biomedical ethics,the ethical brain, “the making of the modern self,” and European Identity. I will also be taking a course on gender and sexuality in Europe.

I am particularly excited for my core course, about how collective history and memory shapes individual or national identity. While all I have is the syllabus to work from right now, the various travel destinations include: Lund, Sweden; Schlesqig-Holstein region of Germany; Hamburg; and Prague. Also, one of the instructors, Brian,  is a professor I had last semester who was absolutely phenomenal; thought provoking & interesting, so I’m excited to be in class with him for two more classes this semester.

Unfortunately, due to requirements for fulfilling my major, I will be unable to be officially enrolled in another Danish course this semester. Luckily, my previous professor has granted me permission to attend her Danish II course without credit, so I hope to continue learning more in the coming 4 months.

Vi Ses Så Snart København!


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