Krogerup Goodbye

Nearly four weeks later, I think I’m ready to write about the gut wrenching Krogerup goodbye.

On Friday, December 13 in customary Krogerup style, we had a party. Not just any party, but the final farewell of E’13. The week had been hectic, with cleaning packing, class wrapups, and for the DIS students, exams and final papers. The day before there was a comical closing “ceremony” with dozens of skits that only we would understand, whether it be a ‘best quote’ an impression of how someone dances, or a superlative. But the finale had to be a stylish affair, with a four hour dinner (which is standard for celebration in Denmark) followed by a rowdy and raucous goodbye party.


All the Beautiful E’13ers

During the dinner we had chances to sing songs, raise toasts, and makes speeches.  Many of the songs where parodies of Danish classics, like one set to the popular “Svantes lykkelige dag” that ended each verse with the “and no one is ready for cleaning.” Nearly everyone had something to say about what an amazing impact Krogerup has had on each of us as an individual, and the amazing friends we’ve made while living there.

Particularly touching was Rikke’s speech, which although it was in Danish, she had the foresight to have English copies available for those of us who have not quite mastered the language, (ie struggle immensely.) The moment when she told us that she wanted to “express her admiration for the DIS students, who had become an important part of the Krogerup community” immediately brought tears to my eyes, both in the moment, and now, a month later as I remember it.

The party that followed went off as expected, the main difference being that everyone awoke early the next morning (or perhaps never went to bed) to say goodbye.

We gathered in the hall, many people still fuld or with visible tømmermænds, to sing one last song, and start our many goodbyes. Within minutes everyone was crying. I don’t know how long the hugs and tears lasted, but with every goodbye, I wished that I had spent more time with each and every person that I had met at Krogerup. Because of Krogerup, I now have friends in Japan, Iceland, and Tunisia, as well as from many parts of Denmark. At least one person is already planning to visit me in Nashville this coming summer, which I look forward to immensely, I’m planning to visit Iceland this May,  and I’m sure there will be countless other adventures to look forward to.

Today, a month later, I’m happy to see that E’13 doesn’t show any signs of fading yet, and excited that I’ll be returning to København in just 12 days for another semester with friends that will last a lifetime.


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