købentøj (I made up a Danish word to intrigue you)

Sensible Sneakers are the epitome of Danish Style

Sensible Sneakers are the epitome of Danish Style

In the United States we learn very early on that work out clothes are acceptable for any casual occasion and the jeans and a t-shirt mix is not only acceptable, but idealized as the epitome of relaxed and all American. European fashion is elite and intimidating, or so we think. However, my experience living in Denmark has taught me firstly dressing well doesn’t have to be daunting and secondly that that being stylish can be both comfortable and functional, as well as reinforcing my personal opinion that sweatpants don’t belong in public space. So without further ado

The Danish virtues of style (as interpreted by an American)

1. Black

Black is the best color; it matches with everything, it looks good on everyone, it hides stains and beer guts, it doesn’t allow you to have embarrassing dandruff, and if all your clothes are black you never have to separate the colors of your clothing. If you don’t want to wear black you should probably wear gray, navy, maroon, forest green or taupe. And if you absolutely MUST wear something undemocratic and attention drawing like neon, it better not be more than a scarf of a pair of shoes. Or your fjållråven.

2. Why are you wearing workout clothes in public?

If you want to be immediately tagged as a sloppy and tactless American, make sure you wear oversized sweatpants with your college’s name on them. But honestly, these type of pants really don’t belong in real life, keep that shit out of the public eye. I’m not opposed to comfort, black leggings with oversized sweater? Fine.  Black Adidas track pants? Also fine (Danes love Adidas track pants for some unknown reason)

3. The bigger the parka

If you feel like dressing sloppy, luckily Danish weather is on your side. You can just cover up with a nice hyggelig parka so as not to offend the public eye. A massive coat is standard attire in Denmark, even though (contrary to popular belief) it is not that cold here. I often check the weather in my home state of Tennessee and find out that it’s warmer here than there.

4. Function

Sneakers are pretty standard attire in Denmark, no matter what you’re wearing. Perhaps the shortage of high heels is because everyone is already tall, but I prefer to think that it’s just a high level of sensibility. Fanny packs are worn on the reg, and without irony, however they’re worn across the body as opposed to around the waist. While the trend looked silly to my unaccustomed American eye, I quickly embraced it when I realized it’s functionality. everything you need right at your fingertips!


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