Rotterdam & More


Despite the lengthy blog post on my Dutch Adventures, I didn’t manage to tell quite everything that I wanted in it. We were in Holland for a total of five days, and the last post didn’t sufficiently cover Thursday or Friday.

Basically, on Thursday we took a bike tour of Rotterdam, which was a lot of fun for me, despite the mishaps that happened to other people in my class (flat tires, getting lost and whatnot) and then we visited the Hague to meet with the National Rapporteur on Human Trafficking.


some of the ultra modern architecture in Rotterdam


excited to be biking a new city


Before heading to the Hague after the bike tour we got to take a cooking lesson  at Keizer Culinair (because DIS does awesome, fun stuff like that) in which our class collectively cooked a delicious Dutch meal together.

Laura & I are ready to cook

Laura & I are ready to cook


mushrooms as a vegetarian replacement for the lamb

mushrooms as a vegetarian replacement for the lamb

Friday was the last day in Amsterdam and I finally made it out on my solo exploring trip. Generally when I visit a city I end up being the navigator because I like maps and have a good sense of direction. However this trip, someone else took charge and I got to wander the city without a clue where I was going. Luckily my sense of direction didn’t fail me and I found my way around with the help of a map just fine. However, the best part of the day was undoubtedly going on the swings above the city in the carnival at the center.


carnival time


Lizzie & I are pretty pumped to be 100 feet in the air


Despite of everything, I’m still afraid of heights


Swinging above Amsterdam


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