It only took me two months to finally go to Tivoli, which happens to be Halloween themed for the month of October.

For the uninitiated, Tivoli is one of the go-to places in Copenhagen, and the second oldest amusement park in the world. The oldest amusement park in the world is located in Klampenborg, a suburb of Copenhagen. Basically, the Danish people thought it was important to create space specifically for leisure as things became more industrialized and people had more free time. Perhaps that’s one of the reason’s Danes are consistently ranked the world’s happiest people.

Nathan, Michelle and I headed for Tivoli right after class on Friday, this was really our only chance to go to Halloween themed Tivoli because we’ll all be traveling next week The place was absolutely packed, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the gigantic pumpkins and other fall sights. Image

Luckily, Michelle took tons of pictures that I could steal off her facebook, because I didn’t have a camera.  She even captured this troupe of Danish soldiers that we don’t know the significance of.


We didn’t go on any of the rides because they cost extra AND the weather has gotten cold,  even the idea of going on the ferris wheel wasn’t too attractive.


so we were much happier wandering around and sipping hot cider than experiencing the potential wind chill of a roller coaster



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