SS America.

I knew that I was lucky to be coming to Ireland to spend time with family, but I was not prepared for how incredibly spoiled I would be while I’m here. My auntie Florrie cooked me a traditional “Irish” breakfast this morning.

My love affair with food continues

My love affair with food continues

After breakfast we ( My aunt, her partner and I) headed to Cobh, the main port of Cork.

My Leprechaun auntie & I

My Leprechaun auntie & I

The port of Cobh, formerly known as Queenstown (when Ireland was under the control of the UK) was the last port in Ireland that the Titanic stopped before sailing for America, and also the port that my Grandmother sailed from when she came to the United States 55 years ago.

We visited this iconic gothic cathedral before going to the Cobh Historic center.

St. Colman's Cathedral, Cobh, Cork

St. Colman’s Cathedral, Cobh, Cork

Then we walked down to the port of Cobh where many of the ships that set sail from Ireland set sail in Cobh. One of the more notable characters who passed through Cobh was Annie Moore, the first person to pass through Ellis Island.

Annie Moore

Annie Moore

With Annie Moore

With Annie Moore

The museum itself had a plethora of Titanic memorabilia, but more importantly had memorabilia from the SS America, the ship my grandmother sailed on many years ago.


S.S. America


Looking at the 1959 ship records with the creepy doll.

Truthfully, finding the model of the ship was emotionally overwhelming, and I staring at the models for about ten minutes, tearing up the entire time. Sentimental as it sounds, the moment held great gravity for me, because if not for my grandmother’s decision to go to the states, I wouldn’t even exist.

There was a huge amount of fun Irish knick knacks in the gift shop.


The Family Crest.

I came away with a couple post cards, a shot glass, and a box of Jameson Whiskey infused fudge. Afterwards, we went to a nice dinner, and of course I had to fish-n-chips (even if it is a bit British) and Guinness.


The Best Guinness I’ve ever had.

As if my day hadn’t been fantastic enough, as we were leaving Cobh, I glanced up to see that we were passing the Commodore Hotel, a sign I took to mean that I was truly home, even managing to have a little piece of my beloved University in Ireland.

Commodore Hotel in Cobh, Cork County, Ireland.

Commodore Hotel in Cobh, Cork County, Ireland.


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