Mishap prone Molly

it’s like Bad Luck Brian, but with my name, gettit?

I must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday, because I got lost in Nørrebro, went past my stop on the train, and managed to miss my Skype interview for ASB. And if we’re talking about unfortunate events,  the Nat Kassen (Night box) flooded too.

I think that it might have something to do with the weather, because my entire first month in Denmark saw nary a bad day. It was sunny and warm almost every day. I think the infamously bad Danish weather is coming, but so far it’s been remarkably similar to Tennessee  (ie: erratic, going from gray drizzle to beautiful sun and back all in one day).


The picture doesn’t capture it, but this is absolutely the most beautiful rainbow I’ve ever seen

On a brighter note: I have a bike now, so I’m feeling much more like a Københavner. And it looks like that will end up being one of my main forms of exercise, since my running habits have gone to shit in the last month.  In the week since I lost my iphone (conveniently the same day that I got my bike) I was happily surprised to learn that I wasn’t actually as reliant on it as I suspected. I miss snapchat, instagram and having music to listen to on the train, but not having it means that I’m never missing real life by staring at my phone.

This past weekend was strange because it was a “home weekend” at the folkehøjskole, so many of the Danes were gone. On Saturday a group of us composed of two Americans (Nathan and I), our Icelandic friend Sveinn, and Ida, who is dansk (Danish) went into the the city and to Fisketorvet ( “Fisk-uh-torf” means “fish market”) which is the Danish mall. Later we were joined by Michelle, who had been on a field trip all day and we had a “treat yourself” (read: expensive) dinner, went to a bar on Gothergade, lost Sveinn and then had to walk through the woods from Humlebaek Station in the pouring rain at 3 am. That’s what I call an adventure.

Another high point of the week is that I went to my first session of the DIS sponsored “Danish Beer tasting” last night. It was at Nørrebro Bryghus ( north burough brewery),


Nørrebro Bryghus

The cozy brewery was reminiscent of the small craft breweries in the US and the tasting was definitely a welcomed change from the regulation Carlsberg and Tuborg that everyone in Denmark drinks like water. I absolutely must give the Danes credit  though, Carlsberg & Tuborg (pretty much the Bud light of Denmark) are so far superior to cheap American piss-water beers such as Natty, Bud, PBR or the like.


DIS students eagerly learning about varieties of hops.

Overall I’ve definitely settled in (what’s homesick?) which was most evident after how glad I was to be “home” after core course week in Sweden. In spite of all the adventures and experiences, gathering in the kitchen when all the Danish students returned from their trip home on Monday evening was definitely my favorite hygglig moment of the week.


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