Day 26

Well the big news of the day is that my iphone is gone. Considering my generally good history of not losing things, and the fact that several people bumped into me unnecessarily on a crowded bus minutes before I realized it was missing, I’m pretty sure that I was pickpocketed. I got off the bus and retraced my steps back to the shop on Stefansgade where I knew I had it last, because I took a picture of the sign as I walked in.

But on a positive note, it could have been much worst. My wallet, with cash, IDs, credit cards, and transportation pass are all safe and sound. I’m also extremely glad that I made the choice not to upgrade my phone this past summer when I was due, because then I’d be shit out of luck for a phone when I got back to the U.S.  As of now, when I return to the US I’ll just get a new phone. Not having a smartphone will probably even have some benefits, I’ll break the habit of constantly checking it, and live a little more simply for a while.  I still have my international PicCell phone that texts in t9 and whatnot. The worst parts of the situation are definitely losing my pictures and not having an iPod, followed by the fact that I no longer have the ability to instagram or snapchat. It’s a rough life, I know.

Even though a lot of pictures were lost with the loss of my phone, here are some random vignettes of my time abroad so far.

One of the Hostels we stayed at in Sweden during core course week

One of the Hostels we stayed at in Sweden during core course week


The Night Box at Krogerup Højskole

The night box is a common room at the høskole that none of the staff ever enters, it’s covered in random art and graffitti, and has a couple couches and a fooseball table.


A blurry photo of the market in Israel Plads


Flowers in Israel Plads


Iconic “Fire Houses” of København. They were all built after the fire of 1728, and most of them were destroyed when another large fire ravished Copenhagen in 1795.


A view of København H or Copenhagen Central train station on the walk to Vesterboro


The storage room in the back of the original Mikkeller in Vesterboro


Malmö, Sweden: an example of Dutch Renaissance architecture, characterized by red brick and sandstone detailing.


St. Petri in Malmö, built in Northern Gothic style


Kiviks Musteri, an apple orchard in Sweden


Some of the (canned/pickled?) apples from the Orchard


The apple juice factory at Kiviks Musteri


Swedish countryside running right into the Ocean


Wind turbines are everywhere in Scandinavia


Cliffs overlooking the Baltic Sea in Löderup, Sweden


Ales Stenar (Ale’s Stones) monument in Sweden often compared to Stone Henge, possibly an ancient burial ground.


Touristy pictures at Ales Stenar


Picturesque village in Löderup, Sweden.


Sheep running around freely at a manor house

These sheep were comically loud, and I wish I could link you to one of the vines of them baying incessantly at us.


Christinehofs Ecopark, a “castle” in Sweden.

Despite the fact that I was taking most of my pictures on my phone, thankfully I had the foresight to bring a point and shoot camera, so I’ll still be able to visually document my travels and adventures.


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