first week down.

I’ve been in Denmark for a full week now, been to 4/5 of my classes for the semester (My Kierkegaard class at the University of Copenhagen will start this Thursday) and I think it’s safe to say that I’m in for a fantastic four months. 

My classes so far seem amazing, and I’m incredibly excited for intellectual challenges that will come along this semester

I finally went for a run and did some exploring in Humlebaek, which is absolutely beautiful.



I even braved the cold and went swimming in Øresund- the strait between Sweden and Denmark.




so who’s Den Lille Havfrue now? (hint: it’s definitely me)Image

The photo on the right is one of Denmark’s icons, “Den Lille Havfrue” or the little mermaid statue, in Copenhagen harbor is a huge tourist attraction, and when I walked up by the bay there were swarms of people surrounding it. 

On Thursday, I only had one class, so I spent the next couple hours taking a wandering tour by myself, and eventually finding my way back to a train station to be home in time for dinner. 

But most of my time so far has been enjoying the crazy adventure that is the folkehøjskole. We’ve played tons of Danish children’s games, like a licorice eating relay race (yes I know it sounds strange), going through obstacle courses while blindfolded.  Every day here is a surprising and exciting experience, and I look forward to whatever is coming next.


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