Sweets, Stouts, and Scavenger hunts.

Today was the day that DIS students were supposed to get familiar with the city by having an “Amazing Race” compromised of five historically relevant locations in Denmark. Truthfully, we only made it to one of the five locations, Christianborg Castle Square (The Danish Parliament) before wandering off the scavenger hunt trail.


A statue in front of the Danish Parliament building

Luckily, we went to at least one location because we got delicious flødebollers, (chocolate covered marshmallows) out of the pitiful effort we put in. The candy actually used to be nicknamed by a danish phrase that roughly translates to “negro’s kisses” before the rise of political correctness.



Although we didn’t finish the scavenger hunt, we DID manage to stumble into a statue of Kierkegaard, a Danish existentialist that I’ll be studying this semester.


After the scavenger hunt we managed to find a Greek lunch buffet, and from there a few of us headed to a brief info session on Danish fashion and style. The gist of it went, don’t wear colors, don’t wear dresses, don’t wear heals, and put your hair in a top knot. My own personal observation is that Danes have managed to make camo look chic by adding military jackets over their stylish, all black ensembles.

With a couple hours to kill before the DIS activity fair, Nathan (one of the other students living at Krogerup) and I decided to explore one of Copenhagen’s most iconic spots: Nyhavn (New Harbor)


The weather was pretty variable, which meant that the few minutes it took to walk from one side of the Harbor to the other, could be the difference between the slightly ominous (above) and the much brighter image below.


Of course I had to be a little bit touristy.

An Obligatory “I’m studying abroad in X iconic location” photo

We still had more time to kill, so to sit on the sea wall overlooking the harbor and grab a couple of beers. Sitting down, Nathan knocked my entire (unopened) can of Guinness off the seawall and into Nyhavn harbor. A minor inconvenience, but a generally funny anecdote. The guys sitting next to us just laughed and told me to be happy that it wasn’t my phone (a thought that truly puts the high-ish prices of beer in Denmark in perspective).


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