Folk dances, Icebreakers & John Lennon songs, Oh My!

This morning I went to yet another orientation session for my core course, and then an info session on safety etc. This week has felt like a repeat of Camp Vandy, the first week of freshman year, where they continually throw information at you.

Talking to other DIS students this morning reaffirmed just how different (and AWESOME) living in a folkehojskole is. The kids who are living in the city are already exploring Copenhagen’s bars, which I fully intend to do, just not quite yet, mostly because of that hour commute.

There are six DIS students living at Krogerup, the rest are students within the folkehojskole from all over the world. Nathan, Michelle, Kim, Gabbie, Phillip and I all come from separate Universities, and have different interests, but we share a desire to get a truly Danish experience. 

The  fact that the advice DIS gave on how to meet Danes and make Danish friends was similar to the strategies we’ve already been using during out meal times at Krogerup seems to be pretty promising. 

The best way to emphasize how fun and different our experiences at Krogerup are is most certainly an anecdotal strategy.

When I arrived (late) at Krogerup, the opening ceremony was starting, and the first thing we did was sing John Lennon/ The Beatle’s  I Get by with a Little Help from My Friends. This was followed by practicing greeting people in different hypothetical situations with whatever salutation would be appropriate from our culture, and finally  learning some Danish folk dances.

At the end of evening, Rikke, the principal of Krogerup told us that there would be many opportunities for parties, but she would like us all to refrain from drinking, because “it is very important that you meet each other… ‘genuinely’ (sober,) but only until this coming Saturday, because…. We’re having a PARTY!

So until then, we’ll have to pursue the impossibly difficult activity of interacting with twenty somethings without alcohol as a social lubricant, how tragic (PS Mom, this is SARCASM, I promise)


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