Krogerup the commune

My 24 hour journey from Knoxville to Humlebaek went off without a hitch, I’m all moved in to my room at Krogerup Hojskole, and I’m already sure that I chose the best possible housing option for myself.

Krogerup is like Hogwarts, in the middle of the woods, filled with interesting people from all over Denmark and the world (including people from Ghana, Burma and Japan) and located adjacent to a farm commune.


Our path through the forest towards the train station

After dinner today, I spent some time wandering around my beautiful new home.


A hay bale playground

We were pretty excited about these massive hay bales, bringing out the five year old in all of us.


Sunflowers in the garden

The garden not only had a ton of these huge sunflowers, but was filled with produce as well. Naturally I was pretty excited about the opportunity to make a name pun with the corn that was growing


Ears of Corn

The colonial buildings are also beautifully quaint



Newest place to call home.


Everybody in Denmark loves bikes, the stereotypes are true.


A shot of the courtyard through my window at 7:30 am


PS: forgot to mention that there’s casually goats on the commune next door.


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