Bye America, but Welcome #VU2017

I have approximately 7.5 more hours in O’Hare International Airport.  The bad is that there’s no free WiFi here, which I think is an absolute travesty, but considering the length of time I’ll be here, I sucked it up and payed $7 to access the “Boingo Hotspot” (which was definitely masquerading as free) 

The good is that I got to go through TSA in my tiny, 12 gate airport in Knoxville instead of this huge monstrosity, and my checked bag weighed in at 48.5 lbs so I just barely avoided a massive extra charge. 

But the other thing about today is that it’s actually Vanderbilt’s Move In day. And if you’re not a Vandy student, let me clarify: Move in day is THE Bomb dot com. It’s fun, it’s loud, it’s efficient, it’s spirited, and the first years don’t lift a finger (which is good because they always overpack). 

Since Movein day starts so early (7 am) that means all the freshman are already moved in, and social media is blowing up with pictures of excited move crew and members of #VU2017. Personally, I had a blast moving Freshmen into the commons last year, and am a little sad to have missed it this year. 

Seeing the excitement of incoming the incoming freshmen is a little surreal to me because it reminds me of my own move in day two years ago (and the very scary fact that I’m halfway through). I think I may be one of the few, but when I moved into Vanderbilt I was an unhappy camper, not ready for school to start or summer to end. In hindsight, it’s funny because I saw the same unhappiness reflected in my younger cousins face when he talked about going back to high school, while I started whining about how much I missed Vanderbilt within a week of going home for the summer. 

My time at Vanderbilt so far has been such a valuable and life changing experience, and I feel extremely fortunate for the opportunities it’s provided so far,  including this crazy Danish adventure that I’m about to embark on. 



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