Last moments in US of A.

It’s just 4 days until departure to Copenhagen! No I’m not done packing, I have a mess of things to do, and instead I’m sitting in Barnes & Noble, writing and trying to organize my thoughts enough to make sure I’m prepared to go.

My last days in the US are turning out to be some of the best days of summer. Thankfully, I choose to end my summer waitressing job a full week before departure in order to tie up loose ends, prepare for my trip, and have a little fun that isn’t just hanging out with my mom. There’s no way I could talk about my life without mentioning my friends; as humans we are all social creatures. More importantly, considering this blog is somewhat focused on Study Abroad, I absolutely have to mention one of my best friends, Evann.

Evann and I have been friends since we were five years old, we went to Kindergarten together, lost touch throughout middle and elementary school, and then ended up in the same English class in one of the counties International Baccalaureate programs in high school. 


But the most relevant part is how important she was in convincing me to study abroad. Evann spent a year abroad in the Czech Republic in high school (yes she’s badass and ridiculously brave, I know). We’ve always shared a lifelong love of travel and adventure, despite being very nervous, solemn children (according to our parents) and I always knew that I WANTED to study abroad, but my great experiences at my University made very hesitant to spend an entire semester away from Nashville, my beloved student organizations, and the general campus environment. Without her testament to the greatness of a study abroad experience, I don’t think I would have made the leap to apply.

Because she lives in a different state, we only tend to see each other about once a year, sometimes even less, but luckily her family was vacationing in the mountains just a couple hours from where I live, so I’m getting the opportunity to see her right before I leave.

Despite the fact that we’ve been friends for 15 years, we’ve never taken a road trip together, so we’ve made up for it by taking 4 day trips in 4 days. Two hiking trips, Atlanta, and Nashville. All of which are great ways to spend your last days in the U.S. 



Needless to say, I’m enjoying my last moments in the US, and in the state I currently call my home, Tennessee, but completely psyched to leave for Copenhagen as well.



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