Housing- a Folkehøjskole

I FINALLY received my housing information for my study abroad term (if you ask me, ten days before arrival is cutting it a little close) and I’m excited to that I will be living in a Folkehøjskole called Krogerup Hojskole in the Danish town of Humlebaek, part of suburban Copenhagen. For the record, the spelling and names of these places is killing me, but I assume I’ll get the hang of it eventually.

A google image of Krogerup Hojskole

A google image of Krogerup Hojskole

According to Wikipedia (an excellent source, I know, but it’ll do the job) the town of Humlebaek is situated on the shores of “Øresund” or “The Sound” a strait that separates one of the Danish islands from Sweden, and is surrounded by fields and forests on the other three sides, as well as having access to some beaches on the shores of the Øresund (but it’ll be too cold for any of that!)

A Folkehøjskole is a Danish tradition founded about 150 years ago by Frederik Severin Grundtvig, a Danish priest and poet dedicated to the idea of an educated community. According to DIS it functions like a liberal arts college, as a residential community where students live and take classes, but they are free from the constrains and stress of grades and tests, instead choosing to pursue knowledge by their own motivation.

I personally will be taking classes at Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS) with other American students, as well as one class at the University of Copenhagen with Danish students, but I’m extremely excited to have this opportunity to live and interact with Danish and International students at Krogerup Hojskoel.


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