Inaugural Post & Why I’m Blogging.

Here we go again.  I’m starting a blog. And this is not by any means the first time. I’ve been dabbling with blogging since I was 11 years old when I first learned how to use a computer (remember xanga y’all?). Since then I’ve had countless blogs, which pretty much all got abandoned at some time or another. I’m a big fan of social media; I’ve used blogger, and had several tumblrs (in fact, this blog is replacing a  tumblr, mostly because tumblr is to hectic for writing based posts in my opinion).

I successfully completed project 365 (take a picture every day) in the year 2010 and documented it on tumblr, but for some reason I can’t remember deleted the entirety of the blog. I had a fashion blog when I was sixteen, that was either abandoned or deleted at some point, ( a coworker of mine wrote the most perfect post on why we break up with blogs) and there are probably more that I can’t even remember.

I’m hoping that the WordPress format will be the magic touch, especially since it seems to be what most “serious” bloggers that I’m acquainted with are using.

There are several reasons why I choose to be part of the blogosphere. One is that I’m about to start a crazy exciting adventure, a semester abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The second is a professional one, as a college student pursuing (an) undergraduate degree(s) in WGS (Women’s & Gender studies) and Philosophy,  I’m not entirely sure what my career path will look like. However, I might be interested in pursuing journalism, and it seems that blogging is a general requirement for fields that involve media and communication these days. Writing on my own time will (hopefully) hone and sharpen my communication skills, serve as a creative outlet and a sort of “alternate” resume.

The name “Molly’s Mischief” is just me trying to be clever, because I simply can’t think of anything catchy that sounds better, in fact a lot of adjectives (and their noun forms) that start with “m” are negative sounding (morose or malicious? no thanks). But if you’re reading this, welcome to my adventures!


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